Velkommen til Norge!
As most of you probably know Norway is a part of Northern Europe and belongs to the Scandinavian countries. Norway is one of the largest countries in Europe, but is only inhabited by 5.3 million people. Most of them live in the south. Norway offers spectacular nature such as mountains, forests, cliffs and fjords. Fjords are long and narrow inlets of the sea surrounded by mountains and steep cliffs. They were typically formed by sub-mergence of a glaciated valley.

Norway and I

It took me a while to finally explore Northern Europe. The reason for that was perhaps that my parents are through and through “sun lovers” and that’s why we always went South for vacations. Due to my grandparents I got the chance to visit Norway for the fist time in 2016. We went on a cruise through the Norwegian Fjordland. It didn’t take long until I realized that I will have to come back to Norway as it has incredibly much to offer. Besides uncountable fjords, mountains and mountain passes, small fisherman towns it provides hundreds of spectacular hiking tracks with views you will certainly never forget again. That is why I went back to Norway the following two years. Today I am absolutely 100% certain that Norway is one of my favourite countries in the world!


Lofoten Islands